Google Summer Of Code — Student Testimonials

“I’ve always been interested in working at the intersection of medical sciences and engineering. The project kept me excited throughout the GSoC. I did learn a lot about cancer biomarkers and imaging modalities along the course of GSoC. GSoC project remains one of my best projects to date.”

“Mentors at Helikar Lab were extremely supportive and were always available to clear doubts and provide guidance. It didn’t feel like remote collaboration since they were just a mail away all the time. I always thought that remote collaboration wouldn’t work well, but Helikar Lab proved me wrong and provided me the best mentorship and guidance.”

“I liked my mentor (Akram), and we could work well together. I also appreciated the code reviews you guys could provide, that’s something not many orgs would do, I believe – it definitely helped me improve as a programmer”

“I am currently in the field of computational biology and the addition of this project further increased my interest in the field. “

“Participation in GSoC2016 to the University of Nebraska Computational Biology helped me to explore deeper JavaScript. Also, participation in the project helped me to decide on the theme of the project work in my university [university name removed to maintain anonymity].”

“my experience significantly improved how comfortable I was with R, and also managing large projects with more “formal” workflows.”

“The mentors were really helpful and readily available for every query. Whenever I got stuck he would guide me through the progress. He would keep track of the progress and would maintain the record of tasks that would help me maintain my pace of work. We had weekly meetings to check my progress and small regular sessions to help me out to fix issues.”